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Who we are:
‘Vivart Design Studio' is Ahmedabad based young design firm working in the field of architecture, interiors and landscape with a focus on sustainable and green design practices since 2005. Vivart is founded by Ar. Tarak Jani, a Council of Architecture registered architect from renowned CEPT university and his wife Hetal Jani, who is a self taught designer with background in arts. Tarak is also a GRIHA trainer & GRIHA representative for Gujarat. To know more about GRIHA please visit


Vivart has a dynamic team of professional from the field of architecture, interior design, civil engineering and green modeling & simulations specialists. Vivart work on different type of projects having varying scales. 

Our belief & Mission:
We only have one livable planet in the universe, so far. We have a responsibility towards keeping the Earth livable, with abundant resources, for the growth of our future generations. It is very important to conceptualize and design with a central focus on sustainability. We need to be conscious about impact we make on our cities and ecology. Capital expenditure is only a fraction of investment compared to the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) expenditure for any business. Marginal increase in capital cost can reduce a sizable chunk of O&M costs if sustainable design solutions are opted for.

Our Aims & Objectives:
• Provide creative, sustainable and green design solutions to private and public sector enterprises.
• Provide end to end solutions for architecture, interior, landscape, energy modeling and simulations and  green rating facilitation for various ratings like GRIHA/ LEED/ IGBC

• Increase awareness among end users, peer professionals and government bodies for green and sustainable development

Our Achievements:
•   Designed one of the few green buildings of Gujarat back in 200708 – admin building of 180 MLD STP.

• Designed the prestigious project of Gujarat Housing Board's head office, again a green building with construction area of around 10,000 sq mt., registered for green rating with GRIHA.

• Designed various types of buildings across sectors including residences, mid-rise and high-rise apartments, industrial factories, hotels, schools, public institutional offices, corporate offices.

•  Various innovations like use of Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks from the soil of a site itself, scrap metal sculptures, renewable energy systems, indoor air purification landscape plants, use of natural materials and polish, large down-sizing of air conditioning systems and short pay back period for high end technology.

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